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What Is Covert Surveillance?

Covert video and audio surveillance is a type of investigation carried out by private investigators to obtain evidence on an individual’s activities.

Depending on the situation, a private investigator may be able to gather information using either overt or covert surveillance. But what’s the difference between overt and covert surveillance, and which is best for your situation?

A private investigator who carries out video or audio surveillance must have the expertise to carry this out in a legal, ethical and most importantly, safe manner.

Covert video and audio surveillance is one of the most commonly requested services by clients of private investigators. It is commonly used for matrimonial investigations and for employers who believe that an employee may be abusing their position or stealing from them.

Types of Survellance

Investigating a case is the foundation of a successful private investigator. The two main types of surveillance are overt and covert. Overt surveillance is when a P.I. will use methods that are clearly visible or known to the subject. Covert surveillance is when a P.I. uses methods that are not seen by the subject and that the subject is unaware of being watched.

The type of surveillance conducted by a private investigator will depend upon the objective and the amount of evidence required. The private investigator must take into account the safety of all involved, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the state's privacy laws are not violated.

Private investigators will conduct covert surveillance on a subject to obtain information about the activities and whereabouts of that person. The role of a private investigator is to gather evidence and information in a confidential, discreet and professional manner.

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