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OSINT Investigation

OSINT, open source intelligence, is a comprehensive method of gathering data from the internet. It involves researching social media profiles, criminal records databases, the deep web and the surface web to gather information about individuals of interest.

Process Serve

The first step in filing a lawsuit against someone is having them served with legal documents. Process serving is an essential part of court proceedings. These documents notify them that they are required to appear before the court at an appointed date and time to answer the claims made against them.

Witness Interview

A good private investigator will be able to determine which witnesses can shed light on the case and will know how to ask them the right questions. In some cases, these witnesses may provide more than just information; an investigator may find evidence that is crucial to the case.

Covert Surveillance 

Surveillance is a method we use to follow a person and document their whereabouts and movements from a distance. Often times this includes video surveillance as well as GPS tracking devices, and social media monitoring.

Our Team of Experts Collect Digital and Physical Evidence

There will be times when hiring a private investigator is necessary and there are other times when it can prove to be beneficial to hire one.


When it comes to gathering information on people or businesses, having a professional who is trained and experienced at doing this can help you out greatly. 

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