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What Is A Private Investigator?

As the name implies, a private investigator is a licensed professional who has been trained to gather information and evidence for cases involving civil, criminal, or corporate matters.

Private investigators are not associated with the police and are hired by clients who need information to help solve a case.

What is the Purpose of a Private Investigator?

The purposes of hiring private investigators are very different from client to client. People hire private investigators for the purpose of knowing someone’s background, finding people or vehicles, finding out information about any business or company, etc.

How can a private investigator help me?

Private Investigators can help individuals in many different ways. Individuals may hire a private investigator when they are trying to locate a long lost family member or friend. A private investigator can be used to help with insurance fraud, negligence, finding missing persons, financial fraud and many other things.

Private investigators may also be hired to uncover infidelity and other types of criminal activity. In addition, private investigators may be hired by insurance companies to investigate claims made by customers. Others may investigate industrial espionage, product piracy or theft of trade secrets, while still others specialize in investigating computer crimes.

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